Champions Tattoo Journey


I began Tattooing in 2001 under my mentor Sean Wyett at Black Cat Tattoo in Boise Id. After 4 years learning from Sean I packed up and moved to the Tattoo Mecca, San Diego California in 2005 where I have been since. The majority of my career was in 3 highly respected busy, hustle and bustle shops along with guest spots and conventions around North America. So in 2019 I decided to open my own studio where I could have a more relaxed environment to work on my clients and friends. I am so glad I did! My clients tell me how much they enjoy the new studio and the fact we can listen to whatever we want or talk about anything! And we do, from art and music to astrophysics and psychology. We listen to audiobooks, podcasts, comedy, music and anything else we want! Its great being able to push pause when interesting topics come up so we can talk about it. In a big shop with multiple artists that's not possible. They're no distractions in my studio, I am focused on you and your Tattoo!


My mission is to give my clientele a higher level of service, comfort, safety, privacy and artistry than all other Tattoo establishments. I aim to give you a custom piece of body art that will satisfy all of your goals and make other people jealous of you! 


In the next few years I see my work leaning towards natural elements and geometric patters. I see flora and fauna in technicolor with black and grey backgrounds filled with mandalas and sacred geometric patterns and symbols.