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Custom Design Pricing

Custom tattoos are very unique and personal. They are created for clients for one time use, unlike flash designs. As this is a time consuming endeavor that can span multiple days, this process requires a fee. Because every custom design is unique, it's impossible to offer pricing without receiving some information on the tattoo first.

Pricing is dependent on factors such as size, subject matter, complexity of the design, and whether pre-existing tattoos need to be factored into the design (cover ups), and whether the client wants additional rounds of revisions. We will quote a price for the creation of a custom design for each project. This will include a chance to see the drawing in the later stage of conceptualizing, before the final "line drawing" used for making a tattoo stencil. During this review period, small changes (one or two) can be made with no additional charge. Larger changes, such as numerous changes or changes in the design concept or subject matter, will require additional fees at US$100 per hour.

Designs will be available for preview 1-2 weeks before the first tattoo session, but no earlier. Full design changes will require a new design fee. The design fee is not applied towards the final price of the tattoo.


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