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Tattoo Pre-Care

Up to 2 weeks prior...

1) Stay out of the sun

You will lose your deposit if you show up sunburnt. The tattoo will not heal well, and it will hurt terribly to have it applied. The sun also dries out your skin, which leads us to the next topic...

2) It puts the lotion on the skin!

Well hydrated skin accepts ink better and heals faster, resulting in a better tattoo. If your skin feels leathery, get down with some cocoa butter!

3) Drink lots of water

Again, it helps for your skin to be properly hydrated. Don't drink lots of water right before the session, though - we don't want to be needing bathroom breaks after 20 minutes, and that won't compensate for not drinking water throughout the week.

4) Consider taking vitamins to support healthy skin

This includes Vitamin A, C, D, E, biotin, and lysine.

5) Let us know if...

Please inform us ahead of time if you are any blood thinning medication (you might have to discuss the possibility of being off of it for a short time with your doctor), if you are considering the possibility of numbing cream (not all creams are appropriate for body art), if you have any chronic illnesses or pain conditions that could affect the tattoo process, if you have any skin conditions, if you have diabetes or any other condition that could make you prone to fainting, seizure risks, etc. We want to work with you, and we don't want these things to come up unexpectedly during a tattoo!

The day before...

6) No alcohol

Get plenty of rest the day before, and don't come in hungover. Alcohol makes you swell up more, and it is also a blood thinner, which can affect the application of the tattoo. This is also a still professional environment, despite the informalities and all the fun we have.

7) Have a good night's sleep

Make sure your schedule isn't going to keep you up too late!

The day of...

8) Eat up!

Have a big breakfast, a big lunch if you're coming in later in the day so that you don't get low blood sugar. Being in pain and hungry isn't fun! We have snacks and drinks available, but be sure to bring a sandwich or order food for break time in case you get hungry during a session.

9) Dressing up

Feel free to bring a small blanket or scarf to keep you warm and comfy. Wear appropriate clothing for your tattoo - loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that can expose the area that the tattoo will be applied to. If you do not wear appropriate clothing, you might find yourself needing to undress more than you had initially thought, and we always want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

If you have pets, please make sure that your clothing is not carrying pet hair as much as possible - use a lint roller if needed.

You can call the shop or email us if you want suggestions on appropriate outfits for your particular tattoo.

10) Shaving down

It is always helpful, but be careful not to knick the skin with your razor or create razor burn. If you're not comfortable shaving with a razor, you can buzz it with trimmers and we will do the rest here at the shop!

11) Decide if you want a companion

One or two people is fine. Please do not bring children under the age of 18, and do not bring pets. Thank you for your understanding!

For photo sessions...

12) Wear black

This helps us get the clearest possible shot of your tattoo!

13) If traveling, find good lighting

We want to show off the amazing work you're sporting around! Please make sure that the photo isn't blurry, that it's well lit. Ambient lighting is better than direct lighting/lighting that creates sharp shadows.


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